2012 ACG Los Angeles Business Conference

Facing unprecedented global economic volatility, the remnants of a sub-prime mortgage crisis, falling home prices and tighter credit, the United States is having to create new avenues for business.

In the spirit of this time of re-creation and re-dedication, hundreds of executives, CEOs, leaders from the public sector, and members of the business elite convened this September to meet in Los Angeles and focus on corporate finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, and financing.

The ACG Los Angeles Business Conference is a two-day conference that took place on September 11th and 12th at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.  Now in its 15th year, the ACG L.A. Business Conference continues to serve as a premier conference for deal-making plans.  The event continues to provide abundant networking opportunities between decision-makers from across the country and internationally.  These individuals remain focused on corporate finance, growth strategies, and the most recent trends in M&A for middle-market companies and economies. 

The conference hosted more than 100 private equity funds, hedge funds and other capital sources, featured breakout sessions such as the Women’s Forum (a gathering of women from the corporate world, the investment community and the professions) and Deal Source (a by-invitation-only event).


For over 40 years, ACG LA has been a hub for the city’s business community.  A place for executives of all types to learn new practices, challenge conventional thinking and broaden and strengthen their relationships throughout the region.  ACG LA’s members represent companies and industries that are as varied as the neighborhoods of Los Angeles – corporate executives, commercial and investment bankers, private equity investors as well as legal, accounting and finance professionals, many of whom specialize in mergers and acquisitions or corporate development.  The diversity of professions and industries is one of ACG LA’s greatest strengths, along with the Chapter’s commitment to hosting events that bring members together, as well as help them share information and stay apprised of the business environment. ACG LA is more than a networking group—it’s an organization of individuals pursuing the shared goal of corporate growth.