Women 6.0 Presents: Agapi Stassinopoulos

Located on the 54th floor of the Wells Fargo Center in Downtown Los Angeles, the City Club provides breathtaking views of the dramatic cityscape and beyond.  It was in this spectacular venue that Women 6.0 presented Agapi Satssinopoulos and her new book Unbinding the Heart, a guide book for inner exploration and connecting with one’s authentic self.

After welcoming the crowd, Agapi dove into a warm and engaging presentation about her book and the journey that inspired it.  Born in Greece and raised in a family that included sister Arianna Huffington, her anecdotes and “lessons learned” derive from a rich history based in hard work, failure, success, and the unyielding love and support of her mother, Ellie.  Ellie’s influence is evident throughout the book and through Agapi’s description of her; it is easy to understand why.  Ellie was a woman both powerful in mind and in spirit.  She rose above innumerable levels of diversity to eventually impart upon her daughters the philosophies of, “Don’t miss the moment”, “There’s always a solution”, and “Always ask for what you want”

It was an inspirational gathering attended by a number of Los Angeles’ prominent business women and men. 

You can read more about the evening on The Huffington Post.

Women 6.0 is a network and series of events produced by Chraft PR.  The series serves to bring together and enrich professional women through connections, collaborations, and continuous development.