FACT: You want business growth. You want everyone to hear about your product or service.  You want to see your name and company in the Wall Street Journal.  You want mentions. Of course…we all do!  Problem is not all businesses or individuals are ready for PR.  For some, public relation initiatives will not return any business, fame or fortune.  Some of our clients come to us asking for public relations but we quickly find this is not the service they need nor are they ready for it.  Sometimes the right formula is PR, sometimes it’s marketing, sometimes it’s both…and sometimes it’s nothing!  Let’s figure out what you really need based on your current, short-term and long-term business goals. PR is not about writing and pitching press releases.  It’s about BRAND POSITIONING. IT’S ABOUT YOUR STORY. IT’S ABOUT YOU!

TRUTH:  If PR is not properly understood or used by the client, dollars are wasted, company resources and energy are depleted and no results are achieved…ever!  No matter how many media clippings are placed, no matter what publications run your story. Period.  PR is only effective if properly used to one’s advantage, the rules of engagement are in order and the right formula is in the mix.