Conference Production

Content Marketing (LIVE!): Conferences, roundtables and speaking engagements are where your content marketing comes alive.  It’s where you engage people to your brand, ideas and intellect.  It’s where you build relationships and showcase your thought leadership. It’s where people get to know you and your product or service.  If you have great content you have to ask yourself if you are using the right channels to engage your audience, your prospects, your clients and the people who influence your brand.  Live content marketing is a call to action - the magnet that pulls your current and future clients closer towards you.

  • Business Roundtables
  • Industry Conferences and Forums
  • Networking Events

The Project:  Bring out your thought leadership from the obscure into the marketplace and reach your CUSTOMERS. Engage your PROSPECTS. Meet and mingle with the INFLUENCERS AND get to know the CONNECTORS. Whether you are looking for small intellect gatherings or 2,000+ attendees.